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Affari.to has been online since October, 2000. We offer you the space to publish your classified advertisements (see our Terms of Service for details).

We thank you in advance for any suggestions and ideas on how to improve our services and our website, please write to webmaster@affari.to for feedback.

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Affari.to is not only www.affari.to: there are other sites in our network, each devoted to a specific theme:


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Success stories

When a classified advert published by www.affari.to brings a sale, or helps you finding what you wanted, we are happy. Here's what a few users of this website wrote. If you want to let us know about how an advert on www.affari.to helped you, use the form on this page.
My car was valued at EUR 4,000 by car magazines. It was well kept and had only 80,000 km in 7 years. An official car dealer offered EUR 1,500 MINUS title transfer tax MINUS road tax, for a total of ... EUR 850! I was ready to give the car away for free, but luckily a person called and told me he saw the advert on this website and wanted to buy the car at the price I had set. Within a few days, he paid EUR 3,000 and collected the car. Thanks! C - 03/01/2008


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