Super Offer On Computer Courses

The examination conducted will be in objective form. There will be 100 questions and time given will be 90 minutes so the candidates have 90 minutes to solve multiple choice questions. The result will not come in the form of marks it will in grades and certificate will be given to the candidates scoring minimum 50%. The allotment of grades will be as follows- if scoring more than or equal to 85 then your grade will be S, if scoring in between 75%-84% then your grades will be A, if between 65%-74% then B, 55%-64% - C, and 50%-54% then your grade will be D. This exam is done every month so no qualification is needed.

Date: 24/11/2018
Price: 5
Name: Yan
Phone: 7311178847
Location: India
Section: Miscellaneous
Ad code: 152882

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Title: Super Offer On Computer Courses
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