Maracheku Ennai

KPS Natura takes the pride in bringing to you the oil obtained by wood pressing technique (Marachekkuennai),ChekkuEnnai (Wood Pressed Oil) was a lifestyle in Tamil Nadu 50 years back. KPS Natura’s process of wood pressed extraction doesn’t include any chemical or heat process.
Modern strategies for oil extraction (by refining) include providing heat at different stages ideal from squashing the nuts to the last extraction. To influence the oil to seem appealing, they evacuate gums (a thick layer that shapes in the oil) and afterward refine it further with acidic corrosive, hexane or blanching soft drink. Now and then they additionally do two step refining procedure.To cut down the cost, the makers additionally blend fluid paraffin produced using raw petroleum.

Date: 20/12/2018
Price: 220
Name: Kps natura
Phone: 9901240364
Location: India
Section: Jobs >> Sales
Ad code: 153173

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Title: Maracheku Ennai
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