Acceptance of terms

These terms apply to services. The user is bound to read this document before using our services, either for reading or for adding new personal or commercial ads. By using the services, the user accepts these Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

1. Within these Terms of Service, the term "User/Users" is used for both visitors of the website and posters of ads.

2. AFFARI.TO is allowed to modify these Terms of Service in any moment. The Terms of Service are visible to users in a separate section of the website, reachable from every page through a link, and before using our services. By using the website and the services provided in it or related to it, the User accepts the Terms of Service.

3. The user has complete responsability for the way he/she uses the service. AFFARI.TO cannot guarantee reliability and precision of the content of advertisement published; AFFARI.TO cannot guarantee that the advertisement published on the website will allow the user to achieve his / her goal. AFFARI.TO is not responsible for any damages that might occur to the user's computer as a consequence of the use of the website.

4. By using the Services, the user may contact or be contacted by other advertisers or users of the Service. In consequence of this, the user may receive advertising material which is not related to AFFARI.TO, and for which AFFARI.TO cannot be consider responsible. AFFARI.TO declines all responsibilities for any business transaction started by other advertisers and users.

5. AFFARI.TO can modify or stop the Services at any moment, completely or in part; this can happen without any warning.

6. AFFARI.TO do not guarantee (a) the identity, the mental capacity, the intentions or other characteristics of the advertisers, (b) the quality, lawfulnmess and safety of goods and information in the advertisements, (3) the truth and precision of the advertisements.

7. AFFARI.TO cannot be held responsible for losses, damages or lack of profits caused to the user.

8. The user is bound not to use the Services to publish, transmit or trade illegal, obscene, defamatory, racist, or damaging others' right. The user is also bound not to use the Service in ways that can infringe copyright, industrial or intellectual property rights, both of of AFFARI.TO or of others.

9. The user is bound to respect all rules, laws, agreements and procedures related to the Service, and all rules, laws, agreements and procedures related to the Internet. The user will not publish, in his or her advertisements, material that encourages crimes or unlawful activities. The user is bound not to interfere with other users' right to use AFFARI.TO's services.

11. The user acknowledge that the free Services are only for private, individual use, not related to their professional activity. For every commercial advert inserted on the website, a Premium (paid) service will have to be purchased.

12. The user will not repeatedly add adverts with the same text to the database. AFFARI.TO will remove such duplicates.

13. AFFARI.TO reserves itself the right to verify, edit or delete totally or in part the content of advertisements whenever these appear not to be in conformity with the Terms of Service, or following orders by higher Authorities. AFFARI.TO will use in any way the information and elements contained in the advertisements to defend against complaints and to protect AFFARI.TO's interests.

14. The user acknowledge that AFFARI.TO, despite being able and being legally allowed to do so, is not bound to verify the messages published using the Services.

15. AFFARI.TO reserves itself the right to delete without warning an advertisement already published, or to revoke a user ID already assigned to the user.

16. AFFARI.TO reserves itself the right to refuse in advance or delete after publishing any advertisements related to pyramid schemes or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Adverts for food supplements are also banned.

17. Advertisements in any way connected to prostitution or escorting services will be removed. Any advert related to the trade of adult-only entertainment material will be removed.

18. The relation between AFFARI.TO and the user are regulated by Italian laws.