No duplicate adverts anymore [News]

You visit a free classified ads website, you see their lists, you find dozen of duplicates. You get used to it. And you shouldn't: there should be no reason to find the same classified advert ten times, published by the same person. Ok, there is a reason: site owners LOOOVE to see their numbers growing, and sometimes they close an eye (or two) when facing decisions that could lower those numbers.

We decided to act. From now on, publishing duplicate ads will not just be prohibited (as before) by our terms of service. It will also be actively enforced through terribly complicated algorithms (read: lines of code) methods and through surveillance.

Instead of having to add several times the same advert, you will now have the option to re-publish your classified advert in just a few clicks. Just visit MANAGE YOUR ADS (see navigation menu of this website) and you will be able to re-position your advert at the top of the ad listing on

Maybe we will end up having less adverts published on the website, but at least those will be original ads, not duplicates of duplicates of duplicates...

Webmaster, 12/09/2007
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