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All classified adverts published by are free for individuals, and they are often real bargains (that's the meaning of 'affari', in case you wondered). If you search for job, or sell a Ford, or need musicians for your new rock band,'s free classified ads are here for you. With a bit of attention, you will be able to find here some classified ads that you will not find anywhere else online. To search for ads, here, is free and does nor require registration: stay with us as long as you like, look at all ads you want, place your free classified ad too. Vote your favourite classified, see where your ads are in the chart, and then, after finding what you want or selling what you sell, go to Manage your ads and retire your glorious classified advert. And if you do not find what you need (an apartment in Denver, a limited edition bike, a flatmate, a Centurion tank), publish your free classified advert here.

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